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Culture review

In May 2020, Airservices released the report A Review of Culture at Airservices Australia, following a broad and independent review of our workplace culture undertaken by Elizabeth Broderick & Co.

The report was prepared following extensive consultation with our people over the previous nine months, including the administration of an organisation-wide survey.

The review team found a number of positive elements of Airservices culture, including Airservices commitment to a strong safety culture and the commitment of individuals to the jobs they perform, and the contributions they make daily to aviation safety.

然而, the review team also found that there are distinct areas of culture that require immediate action and reform, including the levels of bullying and 骚扰.


Our approach

What we are doing about it

At the outset of the review process, we committed to implementing the report’s recommendations in full to ensure that we offer a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace for all of our employees.

Prior to its publication, we had already undertaken a number of key steps to address unacceptable behaviours in our workplace and drive sustainable cultural reform. This includes the establishment of a dedicated Culture Program, introduction of a Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy, and the appointment of a Chief People and Culture Officer.

Most significantly, the review highlighted the need for courageous and inclusive leadership as a driving force for cultural reform. We have introduced a number of development programs to strengthen the capabilities of our leadership cohort.

Further changes are underway. Our response to the report identifies the actions we are taking to build a workplace that is free of bullying, sexual 骚扰, 骚扰, discrimination and other negative behaviours.


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