航空救援消防热博体育官方网站(飞机救援消防)在澳大利亚的26个机场提供一系列热博体育官方网站. 航空消防队员随时准备对机场飞机和建筑物的火灾作出反应, provide rescue and first-aid services for aircraft passengers and crew, 提供消防热博体育官方网站方面的技术建议,并协助对用户进行消防和热博体育官方网站方面的教育. Our fire fighters have access to a fleet of modern, well equipped and maintained vehicles. 连接到我们的热博体育官方网站时, 你们的设施由我们的消防队员监控一旦火警响起,他们就会做出反应.

在阿德莱德, 布里斯班, 凯恩斯, 汤斯维尔, 达尔文, 墨尔本, Perth and Sydney airports this is a 24 hour, 一周7天的热博体育官方网站. 在其他机场, 在工作时间以外发出的火警,仍会由消防热博体育官方网站员负责监察,并由当地消防部门作出回应.




航空负责 航空救援及消防 Service (飞机救援消防) provides a range of services at 26 of Australia’s busiest airports. 我们已做好应对机场飞机和建筑火灾的准备,并为飞机乘客和机组热博体育官方网站员提供救援和急救热博体育官方网站. 我们的消防车装备精良,保养良好,能迅速有效地处理紧急情况. 连接到我们的热博体育官方网站时, your facility is protected by trained and well-equipped professional fire fighters.


Fire alarm systems can consist of a number of components including smoke detectors, 热探测器, 手动调用点, sprinkler systems and a signalling device. All parts of the detection system connect to the Fire Indicator Panel (FIP).

如果发生火灾警报, the FIP will sound an alert and indicate the location of the detector(s) that has activated. 与此同时, the Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) pictured below, will automatically send a notification to the fire service.

What standard must my system comply with?

告警信令设备(ASE)连接到符合澳大利亚火灾报警监测标准(AS4418)的火灾报警网络.2和AS1670.3). The ASE also complies with the requirement of AS4428.6、用于报警信令设备.



目前,ase通过Telstra Next G无线(主要)和拨号(次要)连接到公共交换电话网络(PSTN)。. 请注意,为了满足澳大利亚标准AS 1670的可靠性要求,需要两个连接.3-2004.

With the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), Telstra is progressively decommissioning the PSTN. Romteck公司开发了一种新的ASE模型,使用两个无线通信接口与AS1670进行通信.3标准.

我该怎么办? if a fire alarm activates on my system?

建筑疏散 & 管理热博体育官方网站员应制定消防计划,包括消防管理员和灭火器培训程序,并在发生紧急情况时由工作热博体育官方网站员和住户采用. 在这种情况下, 业主/占用热博体育官方网站有责任确保大楼疏散计划的实施.

作为疏散计划的一部分, wardens and trained staff members may (if safe to do so and as a part of the fire plan):

  • attend the fire indicator panel (DO NOT reset the panel)
  • determine the location of the fire alarm activation,
  • investigate the cause of the fire alarm if safe to do so,
    • 搜索区域,
    • 疏散区域
    • provide the 飞机救援消防 officer (upon arrival, or en-route) with a situation report about the alarm activation status

我该怎么办? if there is a 的错 in my system?


不像火警报警器, and if the detection system is operating normally, a 的错 is not caused by smoke or heat.



Contact your fire alarm service technician immediately.

请注意: 飞机救援消防 will not respond to a 的错.

How do I prevent accidental alarm activation when site work is conducted?

Some worker/occupier activities are likely to cause false alarms. Some of these activities include, but are not limited to:

  • work carried out on air conditioning units; renovations
  • 电气工程
  • any work which may cause excessive dust and/or smoke.

When you are expecting site work to be carried out which may cause unwanted alarms, an authorised person should isolate the ASE by either using the isolate key, or contacting your fire alarm service technician. You must also notify the fire station by telephone prior to isolating the ASE. 请注意, 隔离ASE将使消防局无法监控您的火灾报警系统. 一旦工作结束,对ASE进行“隔离”是非常重要的,以恢复您的火灾报警监测热博体育官方网站.

How do I reduce false alarms and 的错s in my system?



误报通常是由于在探测器附近进行的活动造成的,例如烤面包或建筑物翻新/工程. False alarms and 的错s can be reduced by changing location, type of detector or both. The sensitivity of detectors can deteriorate over time. The older the detector the greater the chance of a systems 的错 occurring.

Contact your fire service technician for advice on detectors that are best suited.

Reducing false alarms will save YOU and the fire service money, will reduce wasted efforts and may save lives.

一个故障会损害你的火灾报警系统的有效性,在某些情况下可能会招致罚款. 正确操作火灾报警系统是防止热博体育官方网站内不必要的生命损失的内在组成部分. This includes responsibility for not only the events occurring in a particular building, 但另外, 负责管理由于火灾警报激活而产生的事件的相关注意义务.



来自火灾报警系统的误报占澳大利亚消防部门接到的所有报警电话的三分之一以上. 许多误报是由于缺乏维护和消防报警系统管理不善造成的.



In some cases, you may be charged for a false alarm. A ‘chargeable false alarm’ is the activation of a fire alarm through;

  • error in installation, mechanical, electrical or other associated equipment failure
  • lack of proper maintenance of the fire alarm system
  • intentional activation during a non-emergency situation
  • 业主的疏忽, 居住者, employees or other agents that causes a fire alarm to be activated

False alarm charges are fines intended to encourage customers to maintain their fire alarm. 妥善维护的火警系统确保住户、财产和环境的热博体育官方网站.


如果您收到 ‘Notice of Intention to Charge – False Alarm Callout’ 如不同意上述通知,您可以按照规定以书面形式联系航空热博体育官方网站 虚报收费指南.

你必须提交 虚警收费反转形式 within 15 business days of the date of the Notice. 航空热博体育官方网站将在收到文件后10个工作日内根据提供的信息作出决定.

I have received an ‘Automatic Fire Alarm Fault / Defect Notice’. 我该怎么办??

An ‘Automatic Fire Alarm Fault / Defect Notice’ 如果发现火警系统有故障或缺陷,消防局会通过电子邮件或传真通知你吗. 通知中描述的火灾报警设备部分可能由于故障/缺陷状况而不再被飞机救援消防监控.

Responsibility rests with the owner / occupier to rectify the 的错 / defect. Your fire alarm service technician may assist you with resolution. 在整改, 必须填写通知的相关部分,并返回消防救援中心通知消防局.

**All 的错s need to be resolved ASAP or within a maximum time of 14 working days**